The Nicoo portal currently forms part of a partnership between different business enes
located in Europe and Africa, as described in the explanatory link provided on the website. In
2023, this portal and project embraced a considerably larger ambion, expected to achieve
significant success starng from 2025, aer careful preparaon of a work and investment plan
aimed at reaching the desired results by all pares involved.
This group of companies stands out for its high standard of professionalism and experse in
various areas of specializaon, including non-alcoholic beverage trade, programming,
adversing/markeng, and digital content creaon.
Nicoo absorbed the gaming website FOCGames in 2023, providing free games to its users,
primarily developed by third pares with proper publishing authorizaon. From 2023
onwards, the constant investment in proprietary technology will be significantly increased,
and in 2025, the planned strong investment will lead to the launch of over 50 proprietary
games, sponsored by a renowned Portuguese non-alcoholic beverage brand. This investor and
sponsor will promote the website extensively on a global scale. Their direct involvement with
the website and content control will commence in 2025.
Unl 2025, inquiries received will be directed to the management of the following companies:
STARTER.PT, the technical content manager and host; ANSWER TODAY, responsible for
responding to received contacts in Europe; AFRICA TRADING COMPANY INTERNATIONAL
BUSINESS SARL, responsible for all content published on the site and project adversing; and
Exclusive Distance, which will be responsible for adversing monezaon during this period.
If you wish to get in touch with us, have any quesons, or suggesons, you can contact us
through any of the available means below. Please note that our availability is strictly business-
related, and we cannot provide assistance regarding gameplay or ps for the games.
The website has never encountered any legal or copyright problems to date, as described on
the "Copyright" page. However, feel free to use any of our contacts for this or any other
For maers related to website content:
Africa Trading Company Internaonal Business Sarl
163 Hlm Grand Yoff Zone Commerciale
11500 Dakar - Senegal
Email: artedafrica@gmail.com or gamesfoc@gmail.com
Phone: +221776554814
For general maers:
Avenida Dom Afonso Henriques, 872 - 4ºandar - Sala 42
4450-010 Matosinhos - Portugal
Email: ptweb[email protected]om
Phone: +351 91 434 3331 or +351 91 186 04 50
For adversing-related maers:
Exclusive Distance
Rua Carlos Alberto Morais, N.º 122, Edicio C, 15.º Andar Esquerdo
4450-349 Matosinhos - Portugal
Email: info@exclusivedistance.top
Phone: +351 93 348 62 66
For maers related to web hosng:
Phone: +351 916 558 921 or +351 968 260 814